What Happened?

Hi I'm Tim Walsh, a Hudson QC based musician and music educator. I play covers of popular music in pubs, and I do weddings and corporate functions. I have a full roster of students to whom I teach a variety of instruments (guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, piano, ukulele, voice). I am an accomplished guitar player and good at the other instruments I teach. For the last ten years I've had the privilege of making my living entirely from music, it's all I do all day!

I began playing music with my brother when I was 15, he was starting a band and they needed a bass player so I became one! We were into classic rock at the time, playing Cream, Zeppelin and Hendrix covers, all heavily inflected by our growing love of the Grateful Dead.

I played around in various bands until I graduated from university, at which point I decided to study music. I graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Jazz Studies in 1996. I started playing in earnest at that point, meeting many players and being exposed to different styles of music. I played electric and double bass, working with a soul/funk band, a Genesis tribute, a wedding/corporate band, a Portugese party band, a jazz ensemble and a celtic band. I played every weekend pretty much from the time I started jazz school in 1992. A few years later I was playing 5-7 nights a week, which I kept up until around 2014. I have played over four thousand shows in my life!

In 1998 I got an opportunity to be lead in a celtic band which changed the direction of my work quite a bit. I started playing Irish bouzouki (essentially a gigantic mandolin) and began singing lead. After five years doing that I switched to electric guitar and started a rock cover band. I rapidly became addicted to the instrument and it has been my primary focus ever since. I still play bass here and there but most of my work is now on guitar.

I've spent time learning other instruments; I'm adept at mandolin, tenor banjo, piano, ukulele and drums. I spend a lot of time working on vocals, because my voice became shredded from too many gigs with poor technique. I wish I knew then what I know now! What don't I know now that I wish I would have known? I'll only find out later.

I think that being a lifelong student makes me a better teacher, I know what it's like to not get something! I'm good at clearly articulating concepts and helping people figure out the next thing they need to work on.

I'll spend the rest of my life playing music in one way or another. If you're interested to hear me play check out my list of upcoming gigs, check out the videos of me playing, come jam with me on monday nights. If you'd like to learn to play come see me for some lessons and I'll help you reach your potential. Join my mailing list for updates, check out my blog for all my big opinions.